Operational Compliance

Merjent offers a full spectrum of Operational Compliance services to oil and gas, biofuels, utility, and renewable energy clients. Merjent’s seasoned team of experts provide high–quality consulting services to assist operational facilities or systems comply with a variety of environmental, health, safety, and security regulations. Our written plans, routine reporting services, and training will help improve the compliance status of operating facilities.

Services Offered
Spill Prevention and Hazardous Materials/Emergency Management
  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan Development and Compliance Audits
  • EPA/USCG Facility Response Plan Development and Compliance Audits
  • Routine Reporting (Tier II, Toxic Release Inventory)
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) Program Development, Process Hazard Analyses, and Compliance Audits
  • Risk Management Plan (RMP) Development, RMP Submittals, and Audits
  • SPCC, FRP, RMP, and PSM Training
  • Spill/Release Notifications
Water Resources
  • NPDES Construction/Industrial Storm Water Discharge
  • Permit Acquisition and Compliance
  • NPDES Industrial Discharge Permit Acquisition and Compliance
  • Construction/Industrial Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Development
  • NPDES, SWPPP, and Water Use Compliance Audits
  • Routine Reporting (Discharge Monitoring Reporting, Annual Reports, Sampling, and Monitoring)
Occupational Health, Safety, and Security
  • OSHA General Industry Safety Program Development
  • DOT/USCG Security Plan Development
  • OSHA General Industry and DOT/USCG Security Training
  • Department of Homeland Security Chemical Facility Registration and Compliance
Air Quality
  • Permit Acquisition and Modification (PSD, Title V, State)
  • Operations and Maintenance Plans
  • Source Test Management
  • Enforcement Support and Voluntary Disclosures
  • Health Risk and Air Toxics Assessments
  • Compliance Audits/Assessments and Compliance Assurance
Public Awareness Programs
  • Recommended Practice 1162
  • Raising public awareness of your facility and its operations
  • Increasing public understanding of pipelines and energy transport
  • Educating the public on recognition and response to pipeline emergencies
Environmental Performance Initiatives
  • Environmental Management System (EMS) Development
  • Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Life-Cycle Analyses