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Today, a viable energy source is grown in the fertile soils of the Midwest and harvested every fall. We know how corn becomes fuel and the key issues such as environmental permitting processes and emission standards that need to be met at biofuels facilities. We have traveled across the country working with biofuels producers to develop EHS Plans and Programs and maintain operational compliance, and have the energy to be responsive to the ever-growing biofuel industry.

OSHA Overview Subpart D

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  • Ace Ethanol, LLC - PSM/RMP Program Assistance
  • East Kansas Agri-Energy, LLC - PSM/RMP Compliance Audit and PHA
  • Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC - Low Carbon Fuel Standard Method 2A Applications
  • Guardian Lima, LLC - Start-up Services
  • Pacific Ethanol Magic Valley, LLC - Air Permitting, Dispersion Modeling, and T-RACT Analyses
  • Redfield Energy, LLC - Title V and NPDES Renewal Applications
  • Red Tail Energy, LLC - Stack Test Management